The Upgraded Essentials Box

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The Upgraded Essentials Box has everything you need for several sessions of idyllic, engaging, creative play – including Make Your Own Squishy SoapDIY Playdough, and several awesome air-dry clay crafts. Along with an upgraded, beautiful woven bamboo box and 3 plant dyes to colour your playdough

Each Upgraded Essentials Box by Parent Hive includes:

  • Organic, luxury ingredients to create a month's supply of handwashing squishy soap for 2 kids plus a detailed how-to
  • Food-grade, organic ingredients to create enough playdough (which lasts 4-6 weeks in the fridge) for 2 kids plus detailed how-to
  • A bunch of hand-picked, organic dried flowers and herbs from Europe
  • 500g of air-dry clay
  • Create your own natural wind chime for the garden using the supplied clay and string inside the box
  • Create your own clay food props for imaginative play
  • Create your own flower/herb press tiles/coasters
  • Glass jar with a lid* to store squishy soap
  • Reusable ziplock bags* to store playdough
  • A beautiful bamboo woven box* with a secure lid to repurpose for storage or play
  • 3 organic, food-grade plant dyes to colour your playdough

Note: Extra add-ons for the box can also be purchased here to accommodate double the fun or kids. 

Important: All Parent Hive products are intended for use with adult supervision. Please be careful of potential danger including (but not limited to) choking hazards and swallowing non-edibles. The age range for most of our boxes and crafts is 2-10 years old but this will vary from child to child. For any questions, please get in contact or visit the FAQs page here.

*These can also be returned to Parent Hive after you're done, for money-off your next order