About Parent Hive

Parent Hive began as a loving rebellion of sorts. A response to the increasingly toxic environment that so many kids are growing up in. We aim to share our passion for natural, non-toxic and botanical goodness with you, and help you dive into creative play and discovery with your little humans – whether that's through purchasing something from the Parent Hive shop or discovering something via our free guides and content

At the Parent Hive shop we offer a meaningful alternative to disposable toys filled with unchecked toxins and at the same time, create space for character development and family bonding. Parent Hive experiences, such our debut Essentials Box, are created with love and built to spark a plethora of impactful benefits for little ones. 

When a child is involved in making something from scratch, they feel empowered. This process instills confidence, curiosity, a sense of pride and a real respect for what goes into making things. The process of creation with their grown-up also creates an opportunity to switch off distractions and switch on connection – whilst the end product presents ongoing opportunities for imaginative play and all with the use of organic, natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

Welcome to The Hive, we were made for you.