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Parent Hive actually started life as an online magazine concept. But alas, a growing family, and a hideous hyperemesis gravidarum-filled pregnancy combined with my need to juggle other "riper" projects meant that it never fully took off. And I'm glad. Because here we are...

Day by day I am growing more and more obsessed and inspired by holistic, mindful and non-toxic approaches to health and wellness and parenting, and well, life in general. As I learn and explore these themes, I sometimes share things that I've found really rewarding or useful to my Instagram handle @itshollywould in the hope that others will find them beneficial in some way. Over the course of this sharing I noticed that my homemade crafting, creating and educational activities with my 3-year-old were received positively by some other parents. I started receiving questions and requests for recipes and how-tos and during the Covid-19 lockdown, everything naturally increased – both our creative play and people's interest in it. And so this Parent Hive 2.0 concept was born.

Plus, since becoming a mother in a country that doesn't house my family and (most) of my closest friends, it's become painstakingly obvious to me how important "that village" people speak of is. You know the old saying? "It takes a village to raise a child..." Never have words been truer, especially right now... And I would also like for this platform to be some kind of a village for you and in that vein we plan to provide heaps of useful free content by way of guides and possibly in the future a Podcast. And with our debut product – The Essentials Box – and indeed, all future products, our aim is for you and your little ones to enjoy enriching activities together. To connect to each other and to yourselves, to ignite creativity and that earthly need we all have to use our hands, whilst disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life/technology/stresses.

I hope that you will enjoy your time with us, I look forward to growing this community of like-minded, kind people all trying to master this parenting thing...

All of my love,


Founder and Mother of Two

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