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Welcome to the Parent Hive community, a space created for nice folk like you, trying to master this parenting thing. We believe that navigating the profound joys, worries, wins, misses, and everything in-between feels so much better together. We believe that parenting is just one element of your identity, and the other bits need some time in the sun too. We believe that perfection is a fallacy, and we’re better off living true to the values that matter most to us. We believe that sharing our secrets makes us stronger, and we promise to share everything good and true, with you.

We’re passionate about parenting, keeping our families and our planet healthy, and supporting homegrown businesses. We approach our community with honesty and compassion and we get a kick out of connecting good people with invaluable resources, tools, and brands.


Parent Hive is a digital space and community offering a savvy and judgment-free place to get non-biased, evidence-based, stellar advice.

We spotlight cutting-edge technologies, medical developments and ideas in the world of pregnancy, parenting, health, wellness and more.

We share all the best places and hangouts in the UAE and beyond.

We compile curated and extensive guides to some of the most challenging elements of parenting and pregnancy, to save you time and keep you in the loop with the smartest things and ideas out there.

And look out for our exclusive, tailored Parent Hive events, the Parent Hive podcast plus many more exciting things – coming (very) soon.


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Holly Williams-Lloyd, Co-Founder

As the eldest of four, growing up with three younger sisters gave me the opportunity to hone my maternal instincts from an early age and I always wanted to be a mother someday. Many years later, despite being hospitalised with extreme nausea during my pregnancy and a wild deviation from my dream birth plan, I was fortunate to find that motherhood came naturally to me (which, I want to stress, doesn’t mean that I haven’t found it challenging at times).

I am comfortable making decisions that I feel are in the best interest of Lola, which some may consider being away from the mainstream. You could say I am more of a ‘left-field’ style parent. I am passionate about Functional Medicine and clean nutrition and I am the Mum who serves the plant-based cake at birthday parties.

The spark for Parent Hive came to me when Lola was around 3 months old. I was constantly flitting from website to website and struggled to find one place that held the same values I did – or challenged the ones I had, in a productive way. I also grew deflated with the generalised portrayal of parenthood and motherhood online. 

As the founder of – sharing the best things and places with the best people has long been a passion of mine. During my pregnancy, I must have consumed at least 2 books a week on childbirth, parenting, pregnancy and everything in between. When I uncovered some epic gem or another I shared it with friends and it was during these conversations that I realised that the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” was truer now more than ever. And so, the concept of this hive, a safe community for people trying to master this parenting thing, grew from there.

I know my co-founder Fleur from my days behind the editor-in-chief desk at an international fashion and lifestyle platform. She is the yin to my yang and although we both moved on and worked on other projects (including becoming first-time mothers) – we regrouped with our new mission: Parent Hive, and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope to meet you at one of our events soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on and @parenthive.


Fleur Beach, Co-Founder

I took to motherhood like a duck cat to water – panicky and a little resistant. After two pregnancy losses (a miscarriage and then an ectopic pregnancy, which was resolved by surgery) and some assistance from IVF, I finally met my daughter, Penelope – my greatest teacher.

My first year on the job was a little shaky, and I couldn’t help but feel this ‘village’ that everyone speaks about needing to raise a child, must have relocated, or burnt down before I got there. So I built my own village, and it was those friendships, connections, information exchanges and shared experiences that elevated me from unconfident and unsure, to feeling so very in-my-boots, and at peace.

I’ve always been passionate about human connection, intuitive living and empathetic understanding. Since I was a teen, I was the friend people came to with their weird stuff, the stuff that they didn’t want to share with anyone else just yet, knowing I was a safe place to sound out ‘different’ ideas, situations or feelings, without judgement.

I enjoyed a lively and bonkers 9-year career in the entertainment industry in London (one of several places I consider home, along with Bali and Dubai) as an actor’s agent. Scooping up a heap of showbiz skills, including confidant, diplomat, conflict resolver and problem solver – in many ways, it was the ideal training ground for parenthood.

Upon moving to Dubai I set to liberating my preference for writing, which eventually led me to the Buro 24/7 Middle East team, where I met my soul sister Holly. I love debating and discussing every topic under the sun with Holly, our values are aligned but we challenge each other’s thinking in the most productive way. And the rest, as they say, is history (actually it’s all up on Parent Hive – go and check it out)

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