In today’s digital age, keeping up with all the latest gadgets and apps can be a little overwhelming, not to mention the fact that you’re all new to parenthood. But don’t worry: Parent Hive is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite apps for new Mums and Dads, from tracking your baby bump to tracking your precious bundle of joy’s growth. We can only hope you find these apps as useful as we did, being new parents ourselves.


This is the chicest, best app for all you new mummies wishing to track your pregnancy week by week. From 3-D visuals of how your baby’s looking, to articles catered to your journey. Most importantly, this app remains relevant after birth, as you can also track the growing weeks of your little one outside the womb as well! Download it here

Baby Bump in Phone


The first few weeks of parenthood are pretty much as follows: feed, change, sleep & repeat. But with little to no sleep, it can be hard to remember when what or even how. With this app, you can track your breastfeeds, bottle feeds, sleep, and even nappies. What’s even more interesting, is you can see & follow a pattern to help build a routine for you & your baby. Download it hereBabyfeed on phone


This app is very much like Baby Feed Timer. However, what sets it apart is its chic modern design. So for those who love the look and feel of The Bump app, then this is the app for you. Download it hereBabyTimer on Phone


This is a free app that helps your baby fall asleep faster & stay asleep for longer with the help of white noise. With 6 different types of sounds to choose from, the options are endless for your little ones. Download it hereBaby sleep on phone


In the midst of all the chaos, take a moment to capture and document one second of video or photography footage of your bump and/or precious little ones every day. This app stitches it all together in the most beautiful way for you. You won’t regret it. Download it here1second on phone


Turn any 2 phones or iPads into a baby monitor. You can hear every noise, stream remotely and even soothe your little one with the sound of your own voice thanks to the microphone.  Download it hereBaby Montior on phone


This genius app allows you to speak to an NHS midwife, from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, literally. Download it hereAsk Midwife App


Based on the popular book of the same name, this app lets you track your child’s brain development week by week. Based on your baby’s due date, Wonder Weeks provides a fascinating insight into the developmental stages your baby will go through. Plus it offers awesome advice on how to help your baby through each stage. Download it hereThe Wonder Years on Phone



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