Are you about to become a parent for the first time? Or has it been a while and you are in need of a ‘newborn refresher’? Check out these 5 essential YouTube videos, which cover everything from bathing your newborn to changing their nappy, burping baby, how to stop a baby crying and how to get the perfect latch for breastfeeding…

1. Bathing a newborn

This is a good, informative video by an NHS midwife explaining the step-by-step process for bathing a newborn – which everyone will agree, is quite a daunting task the first time you do it.

2. Changing a nappy

In this video by baby retail giant Mothercare, parenting consultant Liz Day gives you the 411 for changing a baby’s nappy.

3. How to burp a baby

This is a great how-to for how to burp a newborn baby…

4. How to stop a baby crying

People swear by this technique by this doctor for crying newborns.

And we can personally vouch for this miracle video soothing our little tots…

5. How to get the perfect latch for breastfeeding

Our advice is to try not to overthink it too much. Breastfeeding is natural for both baby and mother – we promise, however, learning how to perfect your latch will increase your chances for instant success. Keep calm mama…


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