Situated inside its own dedicated building, OliOli is divided between 8 “galleries”. These spaces are themed around Water, Air, Toshi’s Nets, a Creative Lab, Future Park, Forts & Dens, Cars & Ramps and a dedicated area for Toddlers (aged 2 and under).

Take a closer look at what’s on offer via Parent Hive’s exclusive picture gallery below and discover at our tips for anyone planning a visit, at the bottom of the feature…


Parent Hive’s Tips

First things first: Make sure you take socks for the little ones. Babies included. You might also want to take some socks for yourself. Take a spare pair of clothes if your offspring is likely to get a little too excited in the water room.

Also, the cafe is cute but it is limited. Under 1s aren’t really catered to. There are highchairs, but fussy eaters may struggle to find something that appeals – it’s operated by Appetite and offers healthy raw salads alongside some standard sandwiches (we saw tuna, egg mayo and a chicken number). We also saw a kid’s pizza. But there seemed to only be one piece of each item – so just be warned. The coffee is good, though.

The toddler area is really quite limited compared to the other areas. Luckily our little 10-month-old absolutely loved all of the other galleries and was able to explore them (especially since we went at a quiet time – morning, midweek). If you do have a child under 2, consider visiting during a quiet time midweek. Otherwise, they may get overwhelmed quite quickly – there’s a lot to take in without having hundreds of kids running around.

OliOli has its own dedicated carpark.

To find out more – prices, timings, location, visit the official OliOli website here.

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