Did you just Google ‘Can you breastfeed in Dubai?’ and land here? Good news: You’re in the right place… First of all the answer is yes. Absolutely you can breastfeed in Dubai and throughout the UAE. In fact, breastfeeding is not only encouraged here – it is law.

Surprised baby

So now you know that it’s legal and you’ve got the green light to get feeding, what are Parent Hive’s tips to ensure the most stress-free breastfeeding experiences in Dubai?

  1. There are a plethora of wonderful mother and baby private feeding and changing rooms in Dubai’s malls and hotels.

We particularly love the private breastfeeding spaces at The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Festival City mall. Also, insider tip: If you head to the fanciest part of the mall, you will also get to enjoy the fanciest facilities!

2. There’s a dedicated breastfeeding room at Dubai International Airport both inside the Emirates Business Class Lounge and in the main area.

3. Plus, many women breastfeed in restaurants, cafes, and public places. Insider tip: If you prefer a little more privacy, use a large muslin square or a dedicated breastfeeding cover. Or ask someone if there’s a place that you can breastfeed in private – we’ve found that staff are very happy to help with this important matter.

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